A distinctively disciplined method of investing.

At View Capital Advisors, we’ve developed a roadmap to successful wealth management. It’s one informed by decades of experience and deep knowledge, combining a wide breadth of capabilities, analytical tools and asset allocation options to provide you with a completely customized investment strategy.

Our wealth management process

We start with understanding your individual circumstances, goals and concerns. This includes reviewing your existing investments and estate plans, and coordinating any changes with CPAs and estate attorneys overseeing intra-family transfers and transactions. We then develop a customized and comprehensive set of options and opportunities for you and curate a selection of assets to help meet your objectives for long-term, consistent performance. And we constantly re-evaluate your needs to keep your portfolio perfectly tuned.

Our investment process

Many firms can offer you investments, but what truly sets us apart is our insatiable curiosity about the larger universe of investment opportunities. We dig deep to unearth ideas that many overlook and devote time to researching strategies others find too complex or challenging. Because we believe making wise selections requires the experience, dedication and discipline to discern the true drivers of investment performance.

7 Steps to Superior Investment Performance Scroll down to explore
Review latest macroeconomic analysis and cutting-edge academic research to identify unique investment themes.
Use specialized research databases to tap into institutional memory and screen for top-performing managers.
Participate in hundreds of manager meetings each year to seek out undiscovered investment talent.
Tap into a network of leading endowments, foundations and institutional investors to identify exclusive opportunities.
Consult with industry experts to validate investment approach.
Perform independent analysis and due diligence to evaluate managers.
Continually monitor manager performance, aggressively manage risk and ruthlessly challenge assumptions.